Becca Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector Review

​So I kinda got onto the Becca Poreless Perfecting Primer bandwagon a little late (don’t judge me). I just had to try it out though. I have humungous pores and severely oily skin all over my face. After about 2 hours post washing and moisturizing my face, I’m a complete greaseball. You can deep fry a doughnut with the amount of oil on my face.
So anyway, I picked up the primer from Sephora used it a few times and wait for it… skin was not having it! At all!!! I followed the instructions. I tried warming up the product on the back of my hand then dabbing it on my oily zones. I tried applying direct and tapping into the skin and nothing, in fact I got oilier after about an hour. Disappointed, I shelved the product for about a month. I decided to try it one more time before giving it away. This time, I packed the product on until it turned white on my skin and voila it worked! All along I had been using the tiniest amount but I find I need about 4 pea size amounts to notice any efficacy on my skin. When I put it on this way, my face stayed matte ALL DAY with no need for blotting or touch ups.
Needless to say this product is definitely a new favourite. I think my experience taught me that different products work differently for different people so definitely experiment with products before giving up on them completely. 
I would love to hear about your experiences with this product.
Till next time xx


Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation Review.

​I got the Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation a while ago and right of the bat, I didn’t like it at all. I’ve had it for close to 9 months now and I’m still playing around with it. Here goes my review.

Size: 30ml/1FL OZ

Colour: Dark 2, New Orleans (the range has 20 colours)

Consistency: Runny/ watery

Fragrance: No

Pump: Yes

RRP: $72 (AUD)

Available in Australia: Yes (Mecca Maxima)

* 16 HR wear 

*Full coverage


*Oil- free formula 

*Highly blendable formula
I hated the consistency of this foundation when I first got it. It was quite runny. You’re supposed to shake it before use to activate it. I think I might have skipped the shaking bit that first time. It’s definitely full coverage and it dries to a perfect matte. I got it in the colour Dark 2, New Orleans which is their second darkest colour which is probably an NW50 in MAC. I think the colour I got is too dark or the undertone is wrong for me. The foundation is highly pigmented and a little goes a long.

It started to get oily around the second hour. By the fourth hour the foundation had began to separate slightly around the middle of my face. This foundation oxidized BADLY on my face!!! By the end of the day I look like a full blown oompa loompa😣
I have since learnt that if I mix it with my Make Up Forever HD, I get my perfect colour and the finish is beautiful. I feels lightweight and if you’re not too oily, you can get away with not layering powder over it.
Overall I’m really struggling with how to work this foundation. It’s an expensive foundation so I’m not tossing it. Maybe I will continue to mix it with the MUFE HD Foundation for a better fit.
I give this foundation a 2.5/5.
Till next time xx
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Foundation Review- Milani Conceal + Perfect 2 – in -1 Foundation

I LOVE trying new foundations so I was super stocked when Milani sent me some goodies and the Conceal + Perfect 2 -in-1 Foundation + Concealer was one of them.

Size: 30ml/1FL OZ

Colour: 14 Golden Toffee (the range has 14 colours)

Consistency: Rich and creamy

Fragrance: Yes (perfumy)

Pump: Yes

RRP: $19.95 (AUD)

Available in Australia: Yes

* 2-in-1 product with both foundation and concealer in one

*Medium to full coverage


*Oil- free formula

*Longwearing, water- resistant and sweat-proof

I love love the consistency of this foundation. I think it’s definitely full coverage and it dries to a matte. The colour was gorgeous on me but I think I could go a shade lighter as it oxidized a bit. The colour I got, Golden Toffee  (14) is their darkest colour which isn’t that dark probably an NW48 in MAC.

I like the coverage,  I have a lot of acne scarring and this covered it right up with one coat. The packaging is nice and sleek but the label will peel off with time. It does last through the day but I find myself getting oily even with a primer but then again my skin is just super oily anyway.
Overall I enjoy this foundation. The only gripe I have with it is the shade selection especially for darker skin tones and the fragrance is a bit much especially for migraine sufferers like me.
I give this foundation a 3.5/5.
Till next time xx
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Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Foundation- Dark shades not sold in Australia 

Ever since I saw Lupita Nyong’o advertising the Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Foundation, I have been in love  and desperately wanting to try the foundation. I then saw the YouTube reviews and saw that Destiny Godly(black YouTuber) swears by it and it looks so good on her deep skin tone as well😍.
The range has 24 shades and I would say there’s a good 9 shades that are geared towards people on the darker and tan side. Perfect right? Not if you live in Australia. As far as I know Lancome makeup is sold at Myer and David Jones (Australian department stores) as well as Mecca but all these stores only carry the lightest colours of this particular foundation.
At David Jones, I fluffed around at the counter for about 5mins and nobody even so much as looked at me. At Myer I was served and the lady was lovely and obviously quite embarrassed that they didn’t carry my colour. She thought it was because Lancome didn’t make shades that dark and I told her I had seen the foundation advertised on Lupita Nyong’o who has a deep skin tone. She then tried to redirect me to another foundation line by the same brand that had what she thought was a dark colour but really it was wayyyy too light. I felt sorry for her. At Mecca I got the same response, the girl was lovely and she’s Indian so she told me she gets frustrated too sometimes not being able to find her correct shades. Ultimately though she told me that she’s never seen the dark shades😣. I was gutted.
I know the most common response to this dilemma is well just find it online and while that is a solution, the fact is it’s a foundation and you simply have to colour  match before you buy. If it was a cheap $10 foundation then yes you can take a chance and buy two shades online but this stuff is upwards of $50! The only reason I even bothered to look into this foundation is because the ad campaign has Lupita, someone who looks like me!! Finally! And the reviews on it are good as well.
So my message to David Jones, Myer and Mecca is, my skin tone does not define my buying power. I have a job and I work hard   therefore I can afford to spoil myself. I deserve to look and feel my best just as someone with lighter skin does. If I was living in a country like China or Russia, I wouldn’t be making this much of a fuss. However I live in Australia, a country that is so racially diverse and the original inhabitants of this land are dark skin toned as well so why are you segregating the market? If it’s not worth your business interest to stock the darker colours, maybe try to stock the samples of all the colours in a particular range of cosmetics  and have them on DISPLAY so that peolle can at least get colour matched then they can go and buy online knowing their true shades.
I pray that one day this type of conversation will be history and our grandchildren will never have to experience this kind of mess. If it’s not right let’s fix it, if we can’t fix it then let’s talk about it till we can.

Till next time xx

ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick Review 

I got my hands on the ColourPop Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks a while ago and I absolutely love them. I had never tried matte liquid lipsticks before and I just love the effect that they give.

I got the colours Zipper ( my fav), LAX, Avenue, Creeper, Teeny Tiny and More Better. They are all super pigmented and easy to apply. I do find that More Better goes on a bit patchy for some reason. The staying power is ok. My only issue is when I eat they stain everything!!!! I’m talking half the lippy remains everywhere so I find I have to remove the product before meals (am I the only one with this issue?). Other than that, I love the consistency and the colour payoff. They are super pigmented which is a bonus for darker skin tones as some of us tend to have darker lips and low pigment lippies don’t show up.
These lippies are super affordable as well coming in at $6 a piece. Even with that I always try to find a coupon to get more off my total order. If you are subscribed to them they regularly send special offers to your email.
Overall, I absolutely love love this brand and I’m hoping to get more colours asap!

Till next time xx

What Inspired My Blog

To begin with, let me just say that I never imagined the day would come when I would actually get to start this blog!! I had this perception that you had to be a really good writer and super creative to have a blog and I don’t consider myself to have any of these talents. On further introspection, I realised that I not only owe to myself to at least try but I also owe to everyone else who faces the challenges that I face.
My love of beauty started at 10yrs old when I developed horrible acne. When I say horrible, I mean HORRIBLE enough to scare my dad. It was so bad, it oozed all the time!!! I tried everything, topical creams, antibiotics and injections to no avail. My acne only eased up at 24yrs old..yes 14 long years it lasted.  My face was left horribly scarred and to this day, my face is 4 shades darker than my body.
When I moved to Australia, I really believed my skin woes would be over. WRONG!!! I saw 2 dermatologists who said they had no experience with dark skin and therefore could not see a problem. None of the products on the market were marketed for people with my skin tone. I heard about a laser treatment for acne so I found a laser clinic that offered it, got there and was turned away because they couldn’t do laser on dark skin. I remember there was even a place that refused to do a Glycolic Acid Peel once because my skin was too dark.  I  thought ok well let me just cover my skin with makeup then…epic FAIL😣. There was barely any makeup that matched my skintone. Thus began my looooong journey of research, trial & error and learning.
I often wonder what I will say to my daughter if she asks me why there aren’t any beauty products on the market for people like her. What will I say if she asks me if the lack of products means she doesn’t deserve to enhance her beauty too. I know I’m not alone in feeling this way. My goal is to share what I know and to engage brands to recognize that we are here and have the same buying power as other skin tones. Every person deserves to feel beautiful regardless of their race, creed, or colour.
I am not a makeup artist, aesthetician or doctor. I’m just a girl who has been dark skin toned for 20+ yrs and these are my experiences which are by no means bible. I also happen to have majored in Cosmetic Chemistry at Uni so I understand the science of skin and ingredients in cosmetics.
That was a super long post and if you made it to the end, you’re a trooper. Thank you.

Till next time xx